The 17th Mallet-Milne Lecture

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Andrew S. Whittaker (University at Buffalo) has agreed to deliver the 17th Mallet-Milne Lecture, which is scheduled to take place on 24th April 2019 in London. Prof. Whittaker has conducted extensive research on the seismic resilience of nuclear power plants and is considered a leading expert on the structural design of next-generation nuclear reactors. More details will follow soon.

SECED 2019 Conference

SECED is delighted to announce the SECED 2019 Conference, a two-day conference on Earthquake and Civil Engineering Dynamics taking place on 9-10th September 2019 in Greenwich, London. This is the first major conference to be held in the UK on this topic since the SECED 2015 Conference. More details will be announced soon, including a call for abstracts.

Mallet Milne lectures

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The Indian subcontinent has suffered some of the greatest earthquakes in the world with magnitude exceeding 8.0 and some of the traditional building construction practices in the country are known to be robust against earthquake shaking.  The earthquakes of the late 19th and early 20th century triggered a number of early developments in India towards science and engineering related to earthquakes.

Event Date 26/05/2015 6:00 pm

The biennial Mallet–Milne Lecture is organised by SECED in memory of the two founding fathers of engineering seismology: Robert Mallet and John Milne. In recognition of his great contribution to British earthquake engineering, Edmund Booth has been elected, and has accepted, to deliver the 16th Mallet–Milne Lecture at the Institution of Civil Engineers in London on Wednesday 24th May 2017.

Event Date 24/05/2017 6:00 pm

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