Young members are represented within the SECED by the Young Members’ Subcommittee (YMSC). The aim of the YMSC is to promote collaboration amongst students and young professionals, enhance knowledge in the fields of earthquake engineering and civil engineering dynamics and sharing ideas and concerns with the wider membership of the Society. They all share a passion for earthquake and engineering dynamics and have already shown great enthusiasm and ideas in the early meetings. Included as part of this section are brief bios of each YMSC member.

Fiona Hughes

YMSC Chair

Fiona joined Arup as a geotechnical engineer in autumn of 2019, having recently completed a PhD in earthquake geotechnical engineering at the University of Cambridge. Her research investigated the seismic behaviour of structures with basements in liquefiable soil - primarily using dynamic centrifuge modelling, and also through a mechanical model which she developed. Fiona was part of the 2016 EEFIT reconnaissance mission to Muisne, Ecuador, was Chair of the Cambridge University Geotechnical Society for the 2017/18 academic year, and has been on the SECED Young Members Subcommittee since its inception.

Valentina Putrino

YMSC Immediate Past Chair

Valentina Putrino is a PhD Student and Research Assistant at University College London EPICentre, where she is working on the development of a framework for the multi-hazard assessment of historic masonry structures. She has gained experience on seismic risk assessment taking part in many field investigations within research and consultancy projects in Italy and in the Philippines. In 2016 she took part in the EEFIT mission to Central Italy and later she won the EEFIT 2017 Research Award to continue her research on the cumulative damage to the historic urban fabric of Norcia (Italy). She is member of the EEFIT Committee and the designated liaising member between both Committees.

Manuela Daví

YMSC Member, YMSC Newsletter Editor

Manuela Daví is a Chartered Senior Geotechnical Engineer working at Jacobs in London, specialised in seismic hazard assessment, geotechnical earthquake engineering and vibration impact assessment. She has worked on a wide range of international projects, including seismic design of major infrastructures, liquefaction assessments and probabilistic seismic hazard assessments of industrial sites, including nuclear facilities. Before moving to London, she worked as a Geotechnical Earthquake Engineer at Studio Geotecnico Italiano in Milan and previously spent few months at Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia in Milan, looking at 3D numerical simulation of seismic amplification of real sites due to topographic effect, as part of her MSc at Politecnico di Milan.

Socrates Angelides

YMSC Member

Socrates Angelides is currently a PhD Student in the Department of Engineering, at the University of Cambridge. He joined Cambridge in 2016 as part of the Future Infrastructure and Built Environment CDT. His research focuses on the blast response of glazed façades, developing analytical models for the post-fracture response of laminated glass. He studied MEng Civil Engineering at Imperial College and worked for 3 years at DNVGL as a structural engineer in the Oil and Gas industry designing offshore steel structures.

Marco Baiguera

YMSC Co-opted Member, Website Co-Editor

Marco Baiguera is a Research Fellow in the Department of Civil, Geomatic and Environmental Engineering (CEGE) at University College London. He is a member of EPICentre. His primary area of expertise is tsunami and cascading earthquake-tsunami vulnerability of coastal buildings and infrastructure. He has worked on a number of research and consultancy projects in countries highly prone to earthquake and tsunami, including Canada, Chile, Indonesia, and United States of America.

Rachel Curtis

YMSC Co-opted Member

Rachel Curtis is a Specialist Inspector (Nuclear Equivalence) at the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) working in External Hazards. Rachel is currently undergoing training to become a fully suitably qualified and experienced Nuclear Safety Inspector. Since completing her MGeol in Geology from the University of Leicester, Rachel has been working within the nuclear industry. Rachel initially began work at ONR in 2015 on a secondment when she was a member of the nucleargraduates scheme. At ONR, Rachel is primarily involved in external hazards work on operating reactors and new build projects, including consideration of seismic hazards, meteorological hazards and coastal flood hazards.

Areti Koskosidi

YMSC Member

Areti is a Geotechnical Engineer currently working at Arup’s seismic team in London. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and an MSc in Soil Mechanics and Engineering Seismology from Imperial College. During her career, she has been involved on many challenging projects in the UK and abroad mainly for the Energy and Nuclear industries. Her areas of expertise combine her geotechnical background with her developing interest in seismic hazard and risk. She mainly focuses on site characterisation, site response analysis (both deterministic and probabilistic using Monte Carlo Simulations to account for the soil variability) and earthquake induced liquefaction assessment. She also has a wide experience in probabilistic seismic hazard assessment (PSHA) studies as she has performed the seismic source and ground motion characterisation for many critical facilities around the globe.

Jorge Lopez

YMSC Member

Jorge Lopez is a Seismic Structural Engineer working at Arup’s International Development team in London. He has nine years of experience in seismic analysis and design of structures in various countries such as Armenia, Georgia, Rwanda, Nepal, Philippines and Peru, across different sectors. In 2016, Jorge joined the EEFIT mission to Ecuador, to assess the building and infrastructure damage from the earthquake.

Stamatina Marinatou

YMSC Co-opted Member, Website Co-Editor
Stamatina Marinatou is a Civil Engineer with a strong earthquake and geotechnical background. She holds an MSc (Dist) from Imperial College and has received several awards and scholarships. She is currently working at Royal HaskoningDHV, getting involved in the design of international infrastructure projects. These range from seismic design of critical industrial facilities in Europe to probabilistic seismic hazard studies in Asia Pacific. Stamatina will also participate in the PIANC UK National Group, providing support to the PIANC WG 225 for the revision of the seismic design guidelines.

Arash Nassirpour

YMSC Member

Arash is a Teaching Fellow in Structural and Earthquake Engineering at UCL’s Department of Civil Engineering and a member of EPICentre research group. He is currently the Programme Director of MSc Earthquake Engineering with Disaster Management and the Module Leader for Advanced Seismic Design of Structures at master’s level. He holds a PhD in Structural & Earthquake Eng. with an extensive experience on structural vulnerability and resilience.

Jason Pelekis

YMSC Member

Jason is a PhD Candidate at the University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering. His expertise is on modelling the performance of unusual structures subjected to complicated types of loading. Jason’s research is about the seismic behavior of different types of rocking systems, with a particular focus on the effects from soil-foundation and foundation-superstructure interactions. Previously, he read Civil Engineering at the University of Patras and then moved to Sheffield, where he addressed the fracture of plain concrete as part of his graduate studies. Currently based in Cambridge, Jason develops new computational tools that help with the probabilistic seismic assessment of rocking multi-storey buildings.

Alex Shepherd

YMSC Member

Alex Shepherd is an Engineering Director at WYG, where he leads the Civil and Structural engineering team in the nuclear sector. He has worked on a number of the major decommissioning projects in the UK and has a background in seismic design and assessment of structures. Alex has also worked on post-disaster recovery projects supporting both UK Government and INGO projects. An example of this being when Alex worked with the charity Community Action Nepal (CAN), supporting their reconstruction programme following the devastation of the 2015 earthquakes. Alex has joined collaborative WYG and CAN missions to the region in 2017 and 2019 to provide specialist advice on seismic resilience aspects of the project.

Euan Stoddart

YMSC Member

Dr Euan Stoddart is an Associate within Thornton Tomasetti’s Applied Science Group. His primary area of expertise is structural dynamics operating within the defence, security and energy industries. This primarily involves analysis and assessment of structures and subsystems (such as buildings, glazing systems, pipework, nuclear facilities, dock systems, etc.) for a variety of extreme and accidental loading conditions including seismic, blast and impact. Based in Warrington, in his free time Euan can often be found mountain biking in one of the nearby National Parks.

Sarah Tallett-Williams

YMSC Member

Sarah Tallett-Williams is a Geotechnical Earthquake Engineer at Jacobs, having completed her PhD at Imperial College London. Her research focussed on seismic site characterisation and probabilistic assessment of shear wave profiles, winning a Santander Scholarship. In 2015, she took part in the EEFIT mission to Nepal and has two years industry experience with Atkins, predominantly modelling soil-structure interaction of embedded buildings. She is now specialising in Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment of low seismic regions. Sarah co-founded the SECED Young Members’ Subcommittee.