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New Eurocode 8 forum

SECED, in collaboration with the British Standards Institution sub-committee responsible for Eurocode 8 (B/525/8), has launched a Eurocode 8 forum on this website. The purpose of the forum is to collect comments and proposed changes for all parts of Eurocode 8. All members of the earthquake engineering community in the UK and abroad are invited to post comments - the only prerequisite is registration on the SECED website (SECED membership is not required).

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Publication and recording of the 14th Mallet-Milne Lecture

SECED hosted the biennial Mallet-Milne lecture at the Institution of Civil Engineers on Wednesday 29th May 2013. The lecture was held in memory of the two founding fathers of engineering seismology: Robert Mallet and John Milne.

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SECED is now on Facebook and Twitter

A SECED Facebook group has been launched. If you wish to join the group, please click on this link. The group moderator will respond to all requests to join. SECED has also joined Twitter. To receive tweets from SECED, simply follow @SECED_UK.

SECED issues statement on the L'Aquila verdict

SECED has issued a statement relating to the recent trial in L'Aquila, Italy, in which six scientists and one government official were found guilty of manslaughter. Read more on The L’Aquila verdict.

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