Dr Tiziana Rossetto

Dr Tiziana Rossetto is a Reader in Earthquake Engineering at University College London, where she directs the EPICentre Research Group and the MSc in Earthquake Engineering with Disaster Management. Previously, she was Chairperson of the Earthquake Engineering Field Investigation Team (EEFIT), with which she has undertaken a number of field missions.

Mr Andrew Campbell

Andy Campbell is a consulting engineer with over 30 years’ experience, particularly in the design and appraisal of nuclear facilities, obtained with Allott & Lomax, Sellafield Ltd and Westinghouse Electric Company. His primary interests include earthquake engineering and the response of structures to various forms of extreme loads.

Mr Paul Doyle

Paul Doyle is a Senior Consultant with Jacobs Engineering with whom he has worked for more than 30 years. He has specialised in nuclear structures; seismic design; and design of machine foundations, chimneys, and cooling towers. He is currently on long term secondment to one of the Nuclear Licensees for whom he acts as Seismic Technical Authority. He is a Fellow of both IStructE and ICE.

Dr Andrew Mair

Andrew Mair is a Director of Operations in Jacobs. He has particular interests in seismic engineering, design for blast and impact loads, and soil-structure interaction, and has been involved in the design of a range of structures including military facilities, nuclear plants, dams, bridges, airports and buildings. Andrew is a member of the BSI committee on Eurocode 8: Design of structures for earthquake resistance, and is a Fellow of both the ICE and IStructE.

Mr Mark Scorer

Mark Scorer is a Chartered Senior Geotechnical Engineer working for Atkins in the Ground Engineering Team. He has over six years' experience working in the seismic and nuclear sectors with a special interest in engineering seismology, seismic hazard assessments, site response and liquefaction studies. Mark has worked on the seismic design and construction supervision for a number of Class 1 nuclear structures and undertaken seismic building surveys in the Middle East. 

Dr Stavroula Kontoe

Dr Stavroula Kontoe is a lecturer at the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Imperial College London. Her primary research work focuses on the development and use of numerical analysis to model the performance of geotechnical structures under dynamic and static loading conditions.

Dr Damian Grant

Damian Grant is a Senior Engineer within the Advanced Technology and Research Division of Arup. He is a structural earthquake engineer with experience in the design and analysis of tall buildings, bridges, offshore platforms and other structures under seismic action. He is the current editor of the SECED Newsletter. Contact Damian Grant.

Mr Andreas H. Nielsen

Andreas Nielsen graduated in 2004 from the Technical University of Denmark. He is now a Chartered Civil Engineer working for Atkins in Glasgow. He served as the Newsletter Editor for SECED over a period of nearly four years and is now the caretaker of the SECED website. His experience includes analysis and design of steel and reinforced concrete structures, particularly for nuclear safety-related facilities, with consideration of dynamic effects arising from from earthquakes, blast and impact. He is also experienced in seismic risk assessment and geotechnical modelling and design. Contact Andreas Nielsen.

Dr Barnali Ghosh

Barnali has experience of civil, geotechnical and earthquake engineering. She is responsible for all aspects of geotechnical earthquake engineering and soil dynamics in Mott MacDonald London office. She has carried out both regional and site-specific geotechnical and seismic hazard assessments for a range of structures in the energy, infrastructure and manufacturing sectors. She has extensive experience of determining dynamic soil properties for seismic design, seismic hazard assessment, non-linear site response analyses, the latest liquefaction assessment methodologies and dynamic soil structure interaction. She has acted as a reviewer for numerous projects all around the world.

Dr Guillermo Aladama-Bustos

Guillermo Aldama-Bustos has worked as a geotechnical earthquake engineer/engineering seismologist at Halcrow since completing his PhD in 2009 at Imperial College. During his PhD he focused on the area of seismic hazard analysis, with particular interest on regions with low to very low seismicity. At Halcrow, Guillermo has been involved as seismic hazard analyst and geotechnical earthquake engineer in several major projects around the world involving the design of ports, bridges, off-shore oil developments and dams amongst others. He actively promotes developments in his specialist field both through his job and through his continued research interests, especially in the area of seismic hazard analysis. Guillermo’s main areas of interest are: probabilistic seismic hazard analysis, site-response analysis, liquefaction assessment and the seismic design of geotechnical structures.

Dr Matthew DeJong

Matthew DeJong is a Senior Lecturer in Structural Engineering at the University of Cambridge and Structures Lead for the Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction (CSIC). He leads a research group focused on earthquake engineering, masonry structures, soil-structure interaction, and infrastructure monitoring. He has worked as a structural engineer in California and is active in consulting.

Dr Sean Wilkinson

Sean Wilkinson is a Senior Lecturer in Structural Engineering at Newcastle University. His area of teaching is structural engineering with a specific expertise in earthquake engineering. His research interests applies his knowledge of earthquake engineering to help design resilient communities. The specific methodology is to identify robust network architectures that can be applied to critical infrastructure systems ensuring maximum resilience of essential services and therefore minimum disruption in the event of a disaster.

Mr Peter Ford

Awaiting biography.

Mr Paul Doyle

Paul Doyle is a Senior Consultant with Jacobs Engineering with whom he has worked for more than 30 years. He has specialised in nuclear structures; seismic design; and design of machine foundations, chimneys, and cooling towers. He is currently on long term secondment to one of the Nuclear Licensees for whom he acts as Seismic Technical Authority. He is a Fellow of both IStructE and ICE.

Mr Ian Smith

Ian G Smith is a Chief Engineer in the Civil Infrastructure Division of Atkins Design and Engineering. He is a Civil/Structural Engineer experienced in design, analysis and construction across a broad range of projects in the nuclear, highways, water and maritime sectors with particular reference to dynamics, soil-structure interaction and seismic design.

Dr Chris Browitt

Dr Chris Browitt is a seismologist who retired as Director of the British Geological Survey (Scotland) in 2003 to join Edinburgh University and concentrate on interests in geohazards and disaster reduction. He has focused on satellite radar to observe millimetric ground movements, with applications in the vulnerability of cities and precursor strain, under a European Space Agency programme. He is President of the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre and Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Dr Ming Tan

Dr Ming Tan is a Chartered Civil Engineer with his experience mostly in the UK nuclear and defence industries. He is currently a Senior Principal Structural Engineer within the nuclear division of Mott MacDonald. He has extensive experience in the field of seismic analysis and design, blast protective design and aircraft / vehicular impact assessments. Ming is currently leading a team of engineers / analysts specialising in dynamic analysis of civil engineering structures against extreme natural and man-made hazards.

Dr Stergios Mitoulis

Dr Stergios A Mitoulis is Lecturer of Bridge Engineering at the University of Surrey. He leads a research group (www.mitoulis.com) focused in the areas of resilient bridge engineering, earthquake engineering and soil-structure interaction. He has worked and he is still an active consultant of design offices and Highways Agencies.

Dr Brian Babtie

Awaiting biography.

Mr Zygmunt Lubkowski

Ziggy Lubkowski is an Associate Director at Arup, and is their seismic skills leader for Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He has carried out geotechnical and seismic design, analysis and assessment for a range of structures in the energy, infrastructure, manufacturing and humanitarian sectors. He has acted as the seismic specialist for major projects such as offshore platforms, major bridges and tunnels, and numerous seismic hazard studies around the world. Ziggy has been Chair of both SECED and EEFIT. In 2009 he won the Shamsher Prakash prize for excellence in practice of geotechnical earthquake engineering.

Mr Piroozan Aminossehe

Piroozan Aminossehe is an independent consultant. He has extensive experience of analysis and design of heavy complex structures subjected to dynamic loads and had a key role in the design of Sizewell ‘B’ nuclear power station as head of the analytical group. He is a fellow of the Institution of Structural Engineers and has served as an elected member of council of the Institution.

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